This is my bachelor thesis project. The work is inspired by the same old Chinese saying. This saying came from a traditional belief in Chinese family structure that daughters are no longer considered part of the core family once they are married. The relationships and their positions to the family is described as water being cast out of the door, gone and cannot be collected. The work try to play with the implication of this ephemeral relationship and make jewelry that symbolizes this fragile relationship, that something precious and beautiful, in this case the jewelry, can be gone and dissolve in a short moment, becoming a ghost in time. It is also about being in a relationship or situation that make one feel fragile & powerless.
In the work, rice was being explored with its various types, forms and stages, in order to find its potential as jewelry material. Rice has a characteristic that it is hard, opaque, and long lasting before it is cooked. After cooking it becomes fragile, short lived and in some varieties turns translucent. It is exactly this material quality that gives it an aesthetic that I want to communicate.  
The set of work includes 4 necklace, 2 bracelets and 2 brooches. In two of the necklace, I added gold for making hinges and join. This gold comes from my own wedding bracelet.

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